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Whether you have a niggling sports injury or suffering from tight muscles and stress, a massage can work wonders.

If you are wondering if a massage can help your aches and pains, please give LB Massage a call. After a free 10 minute telephone consultation to discuss your health and overall well being, Lucy will be happy to provide advice and information on the right massage for you that will help your body the most.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your massage appointment time. If it’s your first time, to fill out a short client Intake form before your massage begins. From your healing , invigorating lighter sports massage, or fimer if you choose. LB Massage will soon have you feeling, relaxed and ready to go. Both 1 hour and 90 minute massages can be very beneficial to your body, sometimes 90 minutes can help the most to release all tension.

Whether your muscles are tight, tired, stressed or ache, massages are a perfect solution for you. Our massages £40 for 1 hour massage, £50 for 90 minute massages.

We are fully insured and guarantee complete safety, with our massages to help your mind and body. Come and relax at L B Massage, Your aches  and pains will be massaged away. My massages will make you feel, totally relaxed and ready to continue with your busy lives.

Comfortable Treatment Room

LB Massage offer a comfortable and warm treatment room that is spotlessly clean. Enjoy the relaxing decor and soothing music, during your massages. To help you, unwind.

LB Massage respectfully request that you arrive for your massage freshly washed and ready for treatment. We accept cash full payment at the start of the message. Take a look at the testimonials and then give Lucy a call.

I help with minor aliments such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Sciatica
  • Stiffness in joints
  • Mild Arthritis
  • Tight gluts and Hamstrings
  • Over worked muscles from training
  • Mild back pain
  • Shoulders and neck pain
  • Sore tired feet
LB Massage

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Discuss which massage is best for you by calling Lucy today on 07784 733012.
Once massage services have been discussed, you can book your appointment for a suitable time.

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Read just a few of the positive Testimonials that Lucy has received.

I have been seeing Lucy from L B Massage a few years now and I can recommend her to everyone.
I do a heavy job on a building sites and after I have had my massage my body seems to feel comfortable again and all my aches and pains have gone and I feel totally refreshed. I can highly recommend her


I came to see Lucy following severe sciatica, which left me barely-mobile. Her deep-tissue massage worked absolute wonders and gave me immediate relief from the pain, and a significant improvement in mobility. Lucy is hard-working, professional, engaging and friendly, and above all extremely effective. I would definitely recommend her, particularly for anyone suffering from sciatica or related problems. I will definitely be using her services again.

Read Our Testimonials

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Now is a good time, to treat your self to a relaxing hours massage or a more through 90 minutes massage.


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I am happy to advise you on what is most suitable if you have an enquiry.

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